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Business Infrastructure

Infinium Technologies provides the expertise and leadership to enable IT solutions by delivering services that demonstrate value to our Customers. Our 100% Customer Satisfaction rating and repeat client list exemplifies our dedication to providing Superior Services. We know our Customers business priorities and deliver IT Solutions focused on achieving Customer Objectives.

Infinium Technologies

Infinium Technologies provides services to support IT Management initiatives. Our use of experienced Subject Matter Experts and adherence to delivery methodologies enhances the value realized by our customers.

  • Data Migration Services
  • Cloud Migrataion Services
  • Datacenter Migrataion Services
  • SAP HANA/Cloud Services
  • BOBJ Services
  • Remote AIX Support Under SLA

Partnerships & Expertise

IBM Business Partner

Find the solution that fits your needs. We have many options that can be tailored for your environment.

SAP infrastructure

Infinium Technologies delivers expertise in SAP infrastructure designed to work hand in hand with your Basis Admins.

Oracle Solutions

Data Migration Services - Datacenter to Datacenter - Datacenter to Cloud.