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Key Benefits

  • Experts in Data Migration
  • Experts in Data Protection
  • Proven Methodology

Customers Trust Infinium

  • iTelligence
  • Chrysler
  • Mercedes Benz
  • iBasis
  • First Data
  • Sikorsky
  • Metlife
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Schneider Electric

Downtime vs Cost

Cost Chart
Infinium Technologies Data Migration Services Migrate Data and IT equipment.


  • Architect general migration methods based on exisitng infrastructure or proposed purchases.
  • Discover details of propsed environment that will be migrated.
  • Analize specific options for data migration based on environment.
  • Plan data migration for each data consistency group.
  • Test data migration for each migration type (whether server, application, db, storage).
  • Schedule each consistency group around business needs.
  • Implement the schedule approved by the buisness.
  • Migrate the data.
Note: Migration Services available for non business hours and weekends 24x7.

Infinium Solutions

Customer Solutions

Infinium Technology provides services to support IT Management initiatives. Our use of experienced Subject Matter Experts and adherence to delivery methodologies enhances the value realized by our customers.
  • Protect ROI of IT Assets by cost avoidance
  • Enable your staff to focus on business initiatives
  • Qualified Specialist level support of your environment
  • Increased Application Availability and Reliability
  • Improved staff competency via knowledge transfer
  • Proactive management of your environment
  • Unbiased technical Advisor - a member of your team
  • Accelerate projects by eliminating of learning curve

IBM Partner Service

Partner Solutions
We support the Systems, you support your customers. Infinium, first and foremost, is concerned with the health and stability of our customers. We believe in investing in an initial engagement process.