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Infinium Overview

Infinium Technologies is a Professional Services Organization dedicated to providing the expertise and leadership to enable Information technology solutions that demonstrate value to our clients. From front-end consulting and planning, to integrating and managing your technology solutions, we have the talent and experience to respond to your unique business challenges and opportunities.

Infinium Technologies approaches each integrated solution with the assumption that the success of your business and ours is directly related to the professional execution of solution based services. Our service offerings are designed to meet system and technology requirements to enable your business processes. Our focus is delivering superior solutions that will enable us to be viewed as trusted business partners of our clients.

In 2003 Infinium Technologies started with our solution delivery professionals having an average of 15 years of specialized technical expertise. Over time we have maintained that average and have expanded into diverse technical and industry specific areas. To evolve our offerings we have established industry alliances with multiple OEM's and ISV's (IBM, Oracle, SAP, and others). As an IBM Business Partner we hold certifications and partnerships enabling us to specialize in innovative technology based solutions. Our customers reap the benefits of our specializations by working with our subject matter experts to select the solution best suited to their unique set of requirements.

Infinium Clientele

Our foundation services are demonstrating an added value to our SMB customers. SMB Customers are able to utilize our technical expertise as well as our industry knowledge and experience. By understanding the business drivers and challenges within a specific industry we are better able to tailor solution services to their needs. In providing services and solutions spanning diverse architectures and platforms, Infinium Technologies has developed a clientele from many vertical industries:
  • Health Care and Insurance
  • Banking and Financial
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Government
  • Transportation
  • Media and Entertainment
With the complexity and infrastructure diversity of computing environments an alignment of systems and infrastructure to support business processes in a non trivial undertaking. For many SMB's migrating from legacy systems to an enabling environment will be a multi-year endeavor. Our focus is on providing proven quality, cost effective support services that assist customers with the evolution. Our 100% Customer Satisfaction rating and repeat client list exemplifies our dedication to providing Superior Services. Utilizing a Price of Non-Conformance metric to assess our services effectiveness has fortified the quality of the services and solutions we provide.

Several of our solution offerings evolved from Best Class IBM Open Systems Solutions. Infinium Technologies Foundation, Management, and Solution Services are designed as a framework to allow tailoring for support of a SMB Enterprise Computing Environment.

When you have a new Server install or a complex Data Replication for DR project we realize you have a choice in selecting service providers. At Infinium Technologies we value your business and appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to provide quality solution services and the chance to become a valued contributor to the success of your business.


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Infinium Technologies, Inc.
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Customer Priorities

Listed below are the Business Priorities of our Customers. Do they align with your organizations Business Priorities? Providing solution services to assist our customers in attaining their business objectives is our measure of success. For a detailed insight into how our solutions may benefit your organization, please contact us for additional information or to request a solution services planning session.
  • Delivering better service to customers
  • Improving business processes
  • Coming up with new products or services
  • Cutting costs
  • Generating more business with new and existing customers
  • Complying with regulatory requirements
  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Improving workforce productivity
  • Protecting corporate, customer, and employee data
  • Integrating our processes with suppliers, customers, and partners

IBM Partner Service

Partner Services
IT resource demands and management requirements are increasing exponentially. Establishing systems that provide the agility to rapidly address business needs is the driving factor behind the majority of today's IT initiatives.