Infinium IBM, SAP, Business Continuity, Management Solutions


Infinium Technology provides services to support IT Management initiatives. Our use of experienced Subject Matter Experts and adherence to delivery methodologies enhances the value realized by our customers.

Our solutions:

  • Protect ROI of IT Assets by cost avoidance
  • Enable your staff to focus on business initiatives
  • Qualified Specialist level support of your environment
  • Increased Application Availability and Reliability
  • Improved staff competency via knowledge transfer
  • Proactive management of your environment
  • Unbiased technical Advisor - a member of your team
  • Accelerate projects by eliminating of learning curve

We support the Systems, you support your customers
Infinium, first and foremost, is concerned with the health and stability of our customers. We believe in investing in an initial engagement process, which allows a period of time to become aware of your business concerns and help tailor solutions to meet your key business objectives. We want you to walk away with win-win scenarios, precise answers and the assurance you have made the most sensible, cost-effective decision.

Business Continuity Services

  • Data Protection Services
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Replication, D2D2T Backup, Automation
  • Continuity Services for Disaster Recovery
  • Mirroring, Sync/A sync Data Replication, TSM/TPC
  • BC/DR Plan, Design, Implement, Test, Maintain

Services for Management

  • Projects Enabling strategic, tactical, and operational initiatives
  • Addresses Business Requirements
  • PPRC
  • Data Protection Services
  • Global Mirror/Metro Mirror
  • High Availability

High Availability Services

  • Virtualization, HACMP, Clustering, Consolidation
  • Services to Enhance Operational Effectiveness
  • Optimizing and Automating System Management
  • Server/Storage/Database Management

Services to Enable IT Effectiveness

  • Staff Augmentation and Project Management
  • Outsourcing In sourcing
  • Programming and Support for:
    ColdFusion, JAVA, JavaScript, PERL, PHP, MySQL, Postgres, SAP/BASIS
  • Database/Application Solutions
  • Oracle 8i & 10g, SAP, DB2, Progress, WebSphere
  • System/Database Architecture Design and Optimization
  • System Services for AIX, Unix, Linux

Program Management

Infinium Technologies Project Delivery Methodology supports PMP and the ITIL Solution Support Framework. Each service we provide conforms to established project delivery requirements.

Communication to ensure expectations and requirements are met for each service, effective communication processes are established to include requirements for progress and status reports.

Quality Assurance to improve our delivery practices we utilizing a Price of Non-Conformance metric to assess our services effectiveness.

Sevice lead management

Business Management

  • Solutions to protect and optimize your investment with improved asset utilization.
  • Solutions to provide an architecture to support the Service requirements of your Business.
  • Simplified consolidated management of your systems and storage.
  • Cost effective solutions architected to support your business.
  • Continuous Application protection and on demand availability.
  • Automated compliance solutions for security and archival.
  • Information backup and recovery with protection at the system and file level.
  • Centralized, simplified, and automated management of a distributed environment.

Availability Services

  • Server Virtualization LPAR & DLPAR
  • Performance/Workload Optimization
  • Server Clustering HACMP/HACMPXD
  • Server Consolidation
  • Flash Copy Rapidly Restore Data
  • Global Mirror/Metro Mirror Deployment

System/Data Management

  • Tivoli TSPC Centralized Data Management
  • Resource and Workload Management
  • Tiered Storage and ILM Services
  • TotalStorage Data Retention 550 Archival

Data Protection Services

  • SAN/NAS Management Services
  • TSM Extended Edition BR/DR
  • Backup And Recovery with Encryption
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Storage Consolidation
  • Disk to Disk Backup and Recovery
  • ILM For Storage Optimization
  • Tivoli CDP for Files
  • Enterprise Level Security Solutions
  • Virtual tape design and Implementation
  • ERP, Database, SAP Backup and Recovery

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery Assessment: The clients current business resumption and IT Infrastructure disaster recovery plans and capabilities are reviewed and risks identified. Plans and capabilities are evaluated against industry best practices. Risks and recommended corrective action approaches are documented in a comprehensive report, and summarized in a final assessment presentation.

Strategy Development: This service develops and documents the client strategic direction through the execution of a Business Impact Analysis (BIA). The results are used to create a roadmap of the steps necessary to achieve strategic business objectives.

Recovery Infrastructure Architecture Definition: Resources such as, hardware, software, supplies, services, standby equipment, and vendor contracts are evaluated to develop the infrastructure necessary to support the client's recovery strategy. The architecture created, defines resources needed to support the recovery timeline, strategies for emergency response, IT recovery, and business area recovery and resumption.

Recovery Plan Development & Update: Utilizing the established strategy, and defined Infrastructure Architecture; or, the results of a plan assessment, this service develops and updates the detailed plans necessary to ensure a successful IT recovery and business resumption. Client personnel are trained on the recovery process and recovery plans are exercised.

Recovery Management Exercise and Audit: This service provides the planning, execution and audit of a recovery exercise. Exercise options include a paper walkthrough or actual production fail-over. A planning session is held to review the roles and responsibilities of each member of the recovery team, as well as departmental responsibilities. We serve as the exercise leader, or provide support to the clients recovery coordinator during the actual exercise execution. A post exercise audit is conducted and results documented including corrective action approaches, and a presentation of the audit findings is delivered.


As the demands of the business change or grow, IT needs to be able to respond to these changes quickly and cost effectively. Many people are now using virtualised infrastructures (servers, desktops and storage) to deliver this flexibility and maximise the utilization of their investment. Infinium has been designing and implementing virtualization solutions for over ten years. Virtualization is essential for IT organizations today, simplifying administration, increasing resource utilization, and enabling agility with streamlined provisioning of IT resources.

Infinium's virtualization solutions enable technologies to become cost-effective and manageable. Infinium is a recognized specialist in virtualizing storage environments using IBMs SAN Volume Controller. We have many years of experience of implementing logical partitions on IBM System i and System p mid-range servers and we are VMware partner for windows virtualisation projects.

Cloud Computing

Alongside the more traditional methods of delivering IT services to the business, Infinium offers a number of cloud computing services:

  • Cloud Advisory services - which of your services lend themselves to a cloud computing model, how should you go about this and what are the available options
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - provision of a virtualized server and storage infrastructure accessed over the internet. You would still need to provide and manage middleware and applications that sit on this infrastructure.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - this is Iaas with the addition of a middleware layer (databases, messaging, application servers) accessed over the internet. You would still need to provide and manage the application that sits on this platform.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) - the provision of a complete business application over the internet.

If a new IT service is to be provided to the business, or the provision of an existing service reviewed, then a cloud service could be an option. There are now a variety of ways of delivering an IT service to the business, ranging from the traditional model to Software as a Service:

  • The traditional model: Buy and own hardware and software, host and manage in-house
  • Consolidate and virtualise infrastructure, host and manage infrastructure and applications in-house
  • Co-locate virtualized infrastructure in a 3rd party datacentre, manage infrastructure and applications in-house
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - rent a virtualized infrastructure rather than owning your own, manage the applications in-house
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) - rent the application and perform only end user administration type tasks in-house

You will need to assess the IT service you are considering against a number of criteria such as business requirements, system interoperability, security and regulatory compliance and service levels to determine the most suitable option for delivering the service.

Data Center Management

Infinium Technologies possesses extensive experience providing mission-critical Data Center Management services. Our approach ensures reliable and continual data asset availability - wherever and whenever our clients need it. Our solutions are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. Our managed services infrastructure approach provides engineering, capacity planning and operations and maintenance - the full lifecycle of Data Center Management activities. We meet client's Data Center Management requirements by delivering flexible, scalable server/storage systems.

The benefits of using our Data Center Management services are:

  • Flexibility to meet requirements
  • Customizable, high-performance, virtualized operational environments
  • Capacity management and just-in-time component provisioning
  • Continuity of operations (COOP) and a full range of disaster recovery services, including planning, testing and implementation services with automated online and offsite backup
  • Reduced cost of ownership and operation, including reduced power, space and cooling requirements through use of lifecycle data management
  • Efficiency and reliability of data center and mission-critical services using ITIL V3-based processes and procedures
  • Lower costs through use of virtualization and hardware consolidation and optimization

Full Life Cycle support and Datacenter Management Support Services

Infinium Technologies monitors and continually optimizes data center environments for clients and proactively identifies datacenter performance, problem identification and resolution, and patch management. We perform regular preventative maintenance services and provide reporting and resolution. Our implementation processes and procedures based on ITILv3 and industry best practices support a secure datacenter environment. Areas covered:

  • Engineering
  • Capacity planning
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Server consolidation and virtualization
  • Systems storage and applications migration
  • Storage area network solutions
  • Network-attached storage solutions
  • Preventive maintenance and sanitation of storage hardware

Data Center Migration and Move

Business decisions to migrate data centers can be driven by many things such as an IT cost reduction initiative, regulatory requirements, business service risk mitigation, a newer data center operation, or legacy data center environments that are incapable of hosting modern & dense IT infrastructure. Among the biggest risks organizations face when transitioning their Data Center is migrating IT systems and applications. A data center migration is a highly strategic project that must be executed without impacting business operations, Service Level Agreements, performance, availability and data protection requirements. Given the dynamic operational environment of today's data centers wherein applications and data are consistently changing, the most important things to acknowledge are the Data Center migration strategy, the migration plan and the many unique facets of the IT environment. Infinium Technologies can provide:

  • Full data center analysis and evaluation
  • Full project managing and engineering
  • Migration planning to minimize downtime
  • Equipment move planning and services
  • Installation and optimizing services

Infinium Services

Customer Priorities

Listed below are the Business Priorities of our Customers. Do they align with your organizations Business Priorities? Providing solution services to assist our customers in attaining their business objectives is our measure of success. For a detailed insight into how our solutions may benefit your organization, please contact us for additional information or to request a solution services planning session.
  • Delivering better service to customers
  • Improving business processes
  • Coming up with new products or services
  • Cutting costs
  • Generating more business with new and existing customers
  • Complying with regulatory requirements
  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Improving workforce productivity
  • Protecting corporate, customer, and employee data
  • Integrating our processes with suppliers, customers, and partners

IBM Partner Service

Partner Services
IT resource demands and management requirements are increasing exponentially. Establishing systems that provide the agility to rapidly address business needs is the driving factor behind the majority of today's IT initiatives.