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iTelligence Data Center Migration

Atlanta, GA. October 8, 2012

Infinium Technologies announced today that it successfully completed a full data center migration for itelligence, Inc., a leading full service SAP provider, from their downtown Cincinnati location to their state of the art Blue Ash data center. Verified by IBM. The six month project involved migrating over 180 TB of storage and over 480 servers (including applications, databases) plus physically moving 24 blade centers, over 200 blades, 4 DS series storage units and 50 other pieces of equipment. Itelligence had a requirement to exit their existing data center by Oct. 1 and there must be minimal downtime for their clients. Mark Stolz, Infinium Technologies President reported that “the Project progressed exactly on schedule with 98% of all migrations completed within the target window and most client downtime was less than 1 hour”.

Click here for detail on this IBM Global Solution.

The Project was not without challenges like managing equipment moves to coincide with server and storage migrations and risks like the new data center construction finishing a month late. The moves and migrations were handled through detailed planning, precise scheduling and managing and advanced technological knowledge of equipment and applications. The risks were mitigated through early identification, tracking and enacting of contingency plans to keep the project on schedule. Thomas Runge, Vice President/CISO itelligence, Inc. said “ This is the biggest data center move that itelligence globally ever did and it went flawless and the execution according to the plan fully supports and underlines Infinium’s expertise and experience level, I could not ask for more”

Infinium Technologies, provides storage and infrastructure solution services specializing in IBM for customers nationwide in the small to medium business market. These solutions enable organizations to improve service, reduce cost and manage risk through an extensive portfolio of tools and technologies meeting critical business needs such as asset management, virtualization, energy efficiency, business continuity and resiliency and security. Infinium Technologies specializes in data consolidation, virtualization, protection, backup/recovery plus disaster recovery and High Availability services. Visit us at www.infiniumusa.com.

itelligence is one of the leading international full-service providers for solutions in the SAP environment, employing more than 2,200 highly qualified employees in 20 countries. For over 20 years itelligence has been the recognized leader in SAP solutions from the start including SAP Software, Maintenance, Implementation Services, Hosting and Application Support. itelligence’s market leadership in SAP competency is the result of extensive project experience with SAP solutions in close cooperation with SAP both domestically and internationally.
Posted on 24 Nov 2012

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Infinium Technology provides services to support IT Management initiatives. Our use of experienced Subject Matter Experts and adherence to delivery methodologies enhances the value realized by our customers.
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